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Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the established membrane process which has successfully been used for water treatment for years. Due to continuous enhancements and combination with innovative process steps, a reverse osmosis system can meet more than 90% of the requirements of water treatment: laboratory applications, surface rinsing, central sterilization, pharmaceutical water treatment, industrial processes and many other application areas.

During the membrane process of reverse osmosis, water is pumped through an RO membrane at high pressure. Here more than 97% of the dissolved and undissolved solids as well as organic impurities, particles, germs and bacteria are retained. Depending on the respective application area and production conditions, the product water of reverse osmosis may be further refined and afterwards be fed to the application process using a storage and distribution system. We will be pleased to compile a system configuration tailored to your needs consisting of reverse osmosis, secondary treatment and storage and distribution system.