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Highly Purified Water Systeme

Werner HPW systems for the preparation of purified water according to PhEur, USP or JP are being delivered as pre-qualified compact plants, ready for connection. The compact package unit construction technique on a stainless steel skid provides all the required processing technologies, which will be adapted specifically to the prevailing quality of the potable water. In addition to special techniques of drinking water conditioning in individual cases, e.g. upstream ultrafiltration, every pre-qualified compact plant with a performance range from 100 to 25,000 LPH is composed of the following components:

  • double softening, serial connection, quality-controlled, alternative conditioning according to the drinking water ordinance (TVO)
  • recirculation system UV plus
  • reverse osmosis, single- or double-stage construction
  • optional membrane degasification for the reduction of CO2
  • electrodeionization CEDI
  • ultrafiltration 6,000 dalton optionally with integrated automatic membrane testing
  • optional hot water sanitizing at > 80 °C or chemical sanitization
  • pipes of stainless steel 316L, Ra<0.80 µm, orbital welding, alternatively PVDF-HP with bead and crevice-free welding, Ra <0.20 µm
  • latest control technology Siemens S7 PLC controller with touch panel or panel PC
Highly purified water system <br />Reverse osmosis – EDI – UF 200 LPH<br />Piping 316L<br />Thermal sanitization at 85 °C<br />Membrane degasification<br />Storage distribution system 2 m<sup>3</sup> with hot storage<br />Expansion capability up to 400 LPHHighly purified water system<br />Reverse osmosis – EDI – UF 500 LPH<br />Piping 316L<br />Thermal sanitization at 85 °C<br />Storage distribution system 4 m<sup>3</sup> per hour with hot sanitizingHighly purified water system<br />Reverse osmosis – EDI – UF 1,000 LPH<br />Piping 316L<br />Thermal sanitization at 85 °C<br />Storage distribution system 18 m<sup>3</sup> per hour with ozonationHighly purified water system<br />Reverse osmosis – EDI – UF 4,000 LPH, piping 316L<br />Thermal sanitization at 85 °CHighly purified water UF 16,000 LPH<br />Piping PVDF bead and crevice-free welding, thermal sanitization at 85 °C<br /> Two-way system with integrated backwashing of HPW without interrupting production