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Pharmaceutical water plants

Whether purified or highly purified water or water for injection - each plant producing pharmaceutical water is precision work – 100 LPH as much as more than 25,000 LPH. Because each client has individual system and production requirements.

All Werner PW, HPW and WFI systems as well as the complete system lines comply with the guidelines of the PhEur, USP and JP, so they assure the production process, product quality and economic efficiency. The design according to GMP guidelines conforms to all aspects of the requirements of DIN (German industrial standard), FDA and ISPE.

Since April 2017 the new monograph on WFI in the European Pharmacopoeia (PhEur) has been legally effective. Henceforth WFI is allowed to be conditioned by reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration. So, this being signed and sealed, we may now offer to you this type of water specification, too.

For pretreatments which are microbiologically critical, together with our cooperation partner BIOPUREMAX, we provide a purpose-built alternative to conventional softening: A unique process based on ESR (Electrolytic Scale Reduction) as well as HOD (Hydro Optical De-Chlorination).

The innovative technique of ESR and HOD by BIOPUREMAX enables the combination with individual PW or HPW as well as WFI systems and / or existing pharmaceutical water installations.