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Ion exchangers

The regeneration of ion exchangers is another core competence of our company. Already in 1958, the engineering office of Wilhelm Werner in Cologne has been engaged in the regeneration of ion exchangers.
Due to the expansion of our business area and, thus, the regeneration service with two fully automatic regeneration columns we became a leading provider of this service. We are one of the few companies owning regeneration facilities in Europe that not only carry out DIN EN ISO 9001 certifications but also documented batch testing. Our quality assurance including a test certificate and Werner’s regeneration package band guarantees the highest capacity while consistently maintaining high quality. Besides the use of latest technology and high-quality chemicals, an environmentally friendly waste water neutralization according to §19 WHG (water legislation) and a modern regeneration process with documented batch monitoring, too, ensure the capacity and quality of the regeneration process of mixed bed resin.

Werner’s regeneration facility in LeverkusenRegeneration of ion exchanger –<br />a main business since 1958AQUADEM<sup>®</sup> regeneration service<br />in 1978