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Customized solutions

Not only pure and ultrapure water is requested by our customers. In addition to the treatment of ultrapure water there are particular requirements to be met, like e.g. a system for individual and high accurate dosing of CO2 to ultrapure water, which is patented (197 46 533.1-43). Or a temperature control and cooling system or a dosing system or a calibration system and much more... Our company has realized quiet some special solutions in the field of water treatment. And of course, we also look forward to new tasks.

Antistatic Pure Water System –<br />patented Werner system for individual and high accurate dosing of CO<sub>2</sub> dilution (to reduce the resistance and increase the conductivity in ultrapure water)Ultrapure water system for simultaneous calibration of up to 6 TOC devices ranging from 0.5 to 500 ppb TOCTemperature control and cooling systems –<br />Ultrapure water temperature control unit for ultrapure water (4,000 LPH) +/- 1K for wafer processingInstallable demineralization units for underdesk mounting in existing and new furnitureSilicate free ultrapure water for weathering testingFully automatic dosing system according to GMP with freely pre-selectable withdrawal ranging from 1-400 l batch volume