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Sterilization & medical care

Steam generators of clinical and industrial sterilizers are mainly fed with completely demineralized water. Due to the direct feeding of assuredly silicate free ultrapure water the formation of deposits of sterilization material is avoided. Compliance with applicable standards such as DIN EN 285 but also those of pharmacopoeias like e.g. highly purified water acc. PhEur are a given. Whether small, decentralized plants for the treatment of feed water or large central systems for parallel maintenance of associated automatic cleaning and disinfection unit - the right solution is always an individual concept. In hospitals, medical technology, e.g. implant technology and many more applications.

The field of clinical diagnostics also requires the supply of ultrapure water of consistently high quality. Only in this way quick diagnoses can be made traceably and precisely. An inferior water quality does not only impair the test results but also the operation of the analytical system. Traditionally, we cover this growing market niche of medical-care centers by providing central ultrapure water plants as well as storage and distribution systems.

Standard application - Sterilization of surgical instruments with water according to EN 285Ultrapure water for the final rinse of stentsAsepsis by sterilization processes which can be validated –<br />also for purified waterHighly purified water –<br />the cleaning agent in implant technologyAsepsis for dental products, too –<br />the cleaning agent –water- must be right.