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Special solutions

Special markets require special solutions:

Material testing System solutions for common weathering systems
Battery filling systems Water treatment for accumulators e.g. in use for logistics centers
Food service Systems for catering rinsing devices or regeneration service for cartridges supplied by other parties
Restoration Solutions for desalting of stone formations, restoration and cleaning of antique documents and textiles
Coolant lubricant emulsion Backfeed water for water-soluble cooling lubricant mixtures
Humidification Ultrapure water for special air humidification systems, e.g. for art collections
Cleaning services Special mixture of ion exchanger resin for the industrial cleaning of glass
Ultrapure water for weathering testingsLogistics –<br />backfeed water for electric forkliftsWater treatment in food serviceRestoration and cleaning of booksBackfeed of water-soluble coolant lubricant emulsionsUltrapure water for stable, constant humidity in museums and antiquarian bookshops