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Microelectronics & Microstructures

This business area is one of our most long-standing segments of plant engineering. Slowly and steadily, we have confronted the technological progress of the semiconductor industry, photovoltaics and wafer production: and we always have provided ultrapure water of the highest possible quality for, inter alia, productions with minimum structure widths. Especially in the field of research and development of microstructures, for many institutes and organizations we are a sought-after partner for smaller and individual water treatment plants. But we also supply central national and international production lines with a capacity of up to 25 m3/h or more.

In addition to plant engineering, the issue of process water recycling is increasingly interfering with the water balance: our reference list includes reclaim system units for process wastewater and wastewater plants for the direct feeding as well as temperature control of wafer water and many specific customized solutions.

Microproduction under highest cleanroom conditions for wet productionManufacturing of respirators<br />(micro-plastics sector) with ultrapure waterWafer production –<br />Ultrapure water dosing for dicing systemsResearch and development of microstructures –<br />ultrapure water according to ASTM D 5127-99 E-1.2Ultrapure water for the electrical industry –<br />according to VDI 2083Process water / cleaning water for wet chemical productions