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Analytics & Laboratory

For all common laboratory applications some kind of purified water is required, which we produce on the basis of reverse osmosis, electrodeionization and/or ion exchange. Therefore generally accepted standards such as ISO 3696 or ASTM D 1193 are consulted, which usually classify water for laboratory purposes as type II.

With our lab water treatment plants in various designs, we meet every demand in research and laboratories: washing and cleaning of glasses, water for qualitative analyses, particle measurement, sample dilution, steam production, reagent preparation, general analytics and many more applications. This quality is also available as feed water for different highly critical treatment steps for the production of ultrapure water (type I acc. ISO 3696 or ASTM D 1193): life science applications, microbiology, HPLC, PCR, cell culture, electrophoresis and others.

Ideally, we combine both system levels - generation of lab water and ultrapure water - to create a customer-specific, needs-based concept.

Washing and cleaning of glasses –<br />with lab water type IIMicrobiology and PCR –<br />ultrapure water type IMedia supply for laboratories in new buildingsPure and ultrapure water for analytics and researchUltrapure water for quality assuranceGenetic engineering – ultrapure water in fume cupboard