WFI ohne DestillationENWFI without distillation

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WFI – Water for Injection – without distillation

As of April 2017, the new monograph on WFI in the European Pharmacopoeia (PhEur) will be legally binding. After the implementation of the monograph for Highly Purified Water (HPW) in 2002 this movement was a logical step. Because although HPW has to comply with the same specifications as WFI, it is permitted to be conditioned by reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration since 2002.

We have manufactured more than 50 HPW plants since 2002 with a performance of each 50-16,000 LPH. Thus we have been able to give proof of the equivalency or even superiority of the water quality of an adequately designed and implemented HPW plant compared to a distillation unit.

Our experience in the field of semiconductor technology – where the claimed quality of ultrapure water has already been considerably higher 30 years ago – has shown us the affirmative long-term experience as well as the robustness of the latest approved water treatment technology.

Compared to conventional distillation units, you will benefit from the following facts:

  • Lower investment costs (up to 65%) and operational costs (up to 75%)

  • Superior quality of ultrapure water

  • No Rouging (as working coldly)